LBI Real Estate Property Locations

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LBI Real Estate Property Locations

Information about LBI real estate property locations, Long Beach Island New Jersey real estate and LBI New Jersey. A property location, more than anything else, drives a home's value in the Long Beach Island real estate market.

Property Locations in the LBI Real Estate Market


LBI Real Estate Property Locations | Long Beach Island New Jersey Real Estate | LBI NJ

The LBI real estate market is made up of several locations each with their own unique characteristics. They are:

LBI Real Estate Property Locations

While factors, such as the condition of the property, the lot size, and the views of the ocean or bay will influence property value, location alone will dictate where most buyers will eventually purchase a home. Homes on the oceanfront can range anywhere from the $900’s for a knockdown to over $15,000,000 whereas a small single family home on the bayside can sell for as little as $300,000! Location establishes the baseline price for the LBI real estate market, and the details of the specific property will determine the final sales number.

All things being equal, oceanfront homes are the most highly sought-after, however they are the most expensive, by far. Oceanblock homes on Long Beach Island offer a more affordable option and most oceanblock homes will have a nice view of the ocean. Oceanside homes offer the convenience of a shorter walk to the beach (plus not having to cross Long Beach Blvd) and are the least expensive of the beach side properties. Many oceanside homes will have a view of the ocean and bay, especially if they have a roof deck. In some areas, Brant Beach for example, the oceanside properties can be closer to the beach than many oceanblock areas of Long Beach Island! Bayside homes will cost about 20% less than their oceanside counterparts and are generally a quieter area of Long Beach Island. Resale is slower on the bayside, but you will typically get "more house" for your money. Bayfront homes offer great views and sunsets but are the greatest distance to the beach. It is important to check and see if a bayfront property has Riparian Rights as these are required to build a dock. Long Beach Island also offers lagoons in several areas (The Dunes, High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, South Beach Haven). These areas allow for a boat to be docked and will cost much less than a bayfront home. Some lagoon front properties will also have a view of the bay depending on their location.

All properties will have positive and negative points so it is important to understand the different areas of Long Beach Island when looking to buy your vacation home!



Oceanfront Homes on LBI

Oceanfront homes on LBI are generally the most expensive real estate in the market. The exclusive location and unobstructed views of the beach and sunrise makes this one of the most highly sough after locations on Long Beach Island. Buyers should anticipate higher costs of insurance (most oceanfront homes are located in the "V" flood zone) and higher maintenance costs thanks to the constant salt spray coming off the beach.




Oceanblock Homes on LBI

Oceanblock homes offer easy access to the beach and generally have a good view of the ocean while costing significantly less than their oceanfront counterparts. To be considered a true Oceanblock home there should be no streets to cross between the house and the beach access. For this reason there are parts of LBI like Brant Beach that lack an Oceanblock homes.




Oceanside Homes on LBI

Oceanside homes are located east of Long Beach Blvd but there will still be a street to cross between the house and the beach access. For most of LBI, the streets to cross are either Beach Ave. or Atlantic Ave. both of which are two lane roads with a 25 mph speed limit. There are parts of LBI with no oceanside homes such as North Beach, Loveladies and parts of South Beach Haven. In these areas there are only oceanblock and oceanfront homes east of Long Beach Blvd.




Bayside Homes on LBI

Bayside homes on LBI are generally considered to be west of Long Beach Blvd and offer a much lower price point than their oceanside, oceanblock and oceanfront counterparts. The walk to the beach will generally be longer than anything on the oceanside but the bayside areas of often much more quiet which can be a beneficial trade off.




Bayblock Homes on LBI

Bayblock homes share many characteristics with Oceanblock homes...they are just located west of Long Beach Blvd. A Bayblock home on LBI will have no streets to cross between the house and the bay. These homes will often have a very nice view of the bay and sunset.




Bayfront Homes on LBI

Bayfront homes on Long Beach Island offer unobstructed views of the bay and sunset as they are located directly on Barnegat Bay. The major distinguishing characteristic between bayfront homes is the presence or absence of Riparian Rights. These rights determine if a dock can be built for a boat. As a buyer it is important to understand Riparian Rights if you are considering a bayfront purchase in the LBI market.




Lagoonfront Homes on LBI

Lagoonfront homes on LBI are only located in a few areas of LBI, mainly High Bar Harbor, The Dunes, Loveladies and parts of Harvey Cedars and Beach Haven. These homes are located on individual waterways called lagoons or canals. They offer direct access to the bay but usually lack unobstructed views of the bay. These homes will generally trade at a lower price which can make them an attractive alternative for boaters.




Real Estate Tip

On average you will see a difference of about 20% between each location. Oceanfront to oceanblock, oceanblock to oceanside, etc.


Where to Invest in the LBI Real Estate Market

The location of a property can make a significant impact on an investment in the LBI real estate market. While there are many aspects to consider when investing in the LBI market, location is perhaps the most important.

Generally speaking, the closer to the beach the better when looking to rent or to redevelop a spec project. Buyers and summer tenants generally tend to prefer the locations with shorter walks to the beach. This is not to imply that spec homes and summer rentals in the bayside areas are not capable of positive returns. Only that Oceanside, Oceanblock and Oceanfront tend to have higher overall returns.


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