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Home Inspections Long Beach Island Real Estate

Home inspections are essential to any transaction in the LBI real estate market. This is especially true in the second home market, where a buyer may not be as familiar with the area and the potential "trouble areas." A home inspection will help uncover a home's defects, including safety and structural issues, so home inspections and the LBI real estate market must be well understood.


Home Inspections Long Beach Island Real Estate | LBI NJ | Nathan Colmer

Home Inspections in the LBI NJ Real Estate Market



Home Inspections Long Beach Island Real Estate | LBI NJ | Nathan Colmer

You found the perfect house on Long Beach Island NJ! Now, you have to make sure it really is perfect! The best way to find out is with a home inspection. A licensed professional will inspect the house for defects and help you understand how your new home functions. A home inspection is a critical step in the sale process as it will safeguard your investment for a minimal out-of-pocket expense and potentially prevent you from purchasing an unsafe or poorly built home.

Home Inspections Long Beach Island Real Estate | LBI NJ | Nathan Colmer

What Does a Home Inspection in the LBI Real Estate Market Involve

A home inspection is a great way to find out about your house on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, and uncover defects in the home that were not apparent during a showing. Even if you are buying new construction, it is advisable to have an inspection to ensure the property was built properly and to help you understand how the systems in the home operate. In fact, an inspection on a new home can be even more critical since it has never been lived in, and there tend to be fewer disclosures on the seller's part. For any home inspection in the LBI real estate market, an inspector will check a few common elements. These include:

A visual inspection of the foundation

Plumbing systems

Visible electrical wiring and the electrical panel

Roof shingles and the estimated age of the roof

Crawlspace including pest damage, plumbing, mold, etc.

Doors and windows for drafts or damage

Appliances and home systems

Heating and cooling systems

Termites, powder post beetles and other infestations

Mold or other environmental hazards

Apparent safety issues

Loose handrailings

Prices for a home inspection in the LBI real estate market will depend on the house size and the company hired to inspect the home, but usually, the cost is around $1,000-$1,500.

Home inspections are not intended to be an all-inclusive review of the property, and they certainly have their limitations. For example:

Home inspections are mostly visual inspections.

Inspectors will call attention to potential issues, but most will refrain from an in-depth analysis.

A qualified expert may need to be brought in for a further assessment

Most home inspectors will not quote any estimated cost to correct a defect in the home. Instead, they will refer you to a contractor to give a price and method of remediation.

Home inspections typically take 2-4 hours to complete in the LBI real estate market. During this time, a home inspector will visually inspect the home and look for potential areas of concern. This will usually involve the inspector investigating the attic, crawlspace, interior, and exterior of a home. In most cases, it will not include areas that are not readily visible, including the interior of walls.

A home inspector will point out areas that may be potential trouble spots; however, an inspector's role is not to provide estimates for repairs or a complete analysis of the problem. For example, if a crawlspace has termite damage, the inspector will point out that a problem exists and suggest further evaluation. A pest control company will verify the extent of the damage and the cost of treating the problem. These estimates should only be provided by a qualified expert who will also complete the repairs.

Long Beach Island Real Estate New Construction Home Inspections

One of the most misunderstood aspects of buying a new construction home in the LBI real estate market has to do with home inspections. Most buyers falsely assume that a home inspection is unnecessary since the home is new. Nothing could be further from the truth! A new home on Long Beach Island is perhaps the most important type of home to conduct an inspection on. While it is true that homes are inspected throughout the building process, local inspectors cannot perform a complete review of any and all systems installed in the home. Additionally, things can be changed after a local inspector leaves! A buyer should work to ensure that the home is built to the correct standards and is safe and ready to use. Every new construction buyer should conduct a home inspection on a newly built home before closing.




Long Beach Island New Jersey Real Estate | LBI NJ Real Estate | Nathan Colmer
Long Beach Island New Jersey Real Estate | LBI NJ Real Estate | Nathan Colmer
Long Beach Island New Jersey Real Estate | LBI NJ Real Estate | Nathan Colmer
Long Beach Island New Jersey Real Estate | LBI NJ Real Estate | Nathan Colmer

Real Estate Tip

Be sure to inquire as to the background of your home inspector. Those with a background in building or contracting can offer first hand experience in the construction of a home.


Home Inspections Long Beach Island Real Estate | LBI NJ | Nathan Colmer

LBI Real Estate Home Inspections After Hurricane Sandy or Flood Events

A home inspection is ALWAYS recommended when purchasing a property you intend to occupy. Since Long Beach Island is a barrier island, flooding can occur from time to time. This flooding could be a significant flood event, like Hurricane Sandy in 2012 where many homes had interior water damage, or it could be from minor flooding that is limited to a crawlspace or garage. In either case, the damage caused by floodwaters is often unseen to the naked eye. It takes a thorough investigation of the property to ensure the home purchased in the LBI real estate market is safe and structurally sound. A few things to consider are:

Mold caused by damp and wet wood

Damaged electrical wires

The toxic residue left from gas furnaces or oil heat

Structurally sound foundations

Water damaged sheetrock


The above list only names a few of the issues you should be concerned with when purchasing a home in the LBI real estate market that has been suspected of having sustained flooding in some capacity. For a prospective buyer in the LBI real estate market, flooding needs to be taken very seriously, and a home inspection and a mold test are great ways to ensure the home is safe for occupancy. 



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