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Long Beach Island Bayside Homes

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Long Beach Island Bayside Homes

Bayside homes, and in some cases, Bay block homes, are located west of Long Beach Blvd. and require crossing the main road (commonly called Long Beach Blvd, Bay Ave or Central Ave). When looking at a Bayside home on LBI, it is important to remember that proximity to a traffic light can make crossing Long Beach Blvd. much easier, and can, in some cases, add a great deal of value to a home. The Bayside offers a quieter area than most Oceanside or ocean block locations, and many Bayside homes will have a nice view of the bay and sunset. The ground elevations tend to be lower on the Bayside; it is important to check elevation levels relative to the cost of flood insurance and future flood risk. Bayside homes are commonly less expensive than those on the Oceanside or ocean block, so you will get "more house" for your money.



Long Beach Island Bayside Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Bayblock Real Estate

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Flooding and Development with Bayside and Bayblock Homes in the LBI NJ Real Estate Market

Bayside areas are at a greater risk of flooding than their oceanside or oceanblock counterparts due to the natural lower elevation of the bayside. Contrary to popular opinion, flooding occurs on the Bayside areas first. When a storm increases water volume, also known as storm surge, it will fill the back bays and encroach on land, filling in the lower areas first. Oceanside areas, typically set at a higher elevation, will be safer in future storms. That said, since Hurricane Sandy at the end of 2012, there has been a massive rebuilding effort on the bayside, and many homes now meet or exceed current flood regulations (keeping the flood insurance cost very low). In addition, steps have been taken to limit flooding from future storms, such as increased bulkhead height and storm drain upgrades. In future storms, damage to the bayside will likely be far less than it was during Hurricane Sandy, thanks in part to these protective measures.



Long Beach Island Bayside Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Bayblock Real Estate

Bayside and Bayblock Homes on Long Beach Island

The bayside and Bayblock areas of Long Beach Island offer some unique opportunities-I have lived on the bayside my entire life and can personally attest to them! Mainly the bayside will provide buyers with:

  • A quiet area
  • Great views and sunsets
  • "More house" for your money than buying on the oceanside

The bayside areas are generally considered to be quieter than oceanside or oceanblock locations. There is usually less traffic and a lower chance of someone parking in front of your home. Since there are no dunes on the bayfront, many homes will offer great views of the bay and the, sunset, especially if the home is elevated. You will also be able to afford a larger and newer home on the bayside than you will on the oceanside. Homes to the east of Long Beach Blvd will generally trade higher than a home on the bayside due to the convenience of not having to cross Long Beach Blvd. Overall, homes on the bayside and Bayblock offer great LBI real estate market opportunities for those looking for a quiet location and a view at a more affordable price point.




Where Are Bayside and Bayblock Homes on Long Beach Island?

Homes to the West of Long Beach Blvd (also called Bay Ave and Central Ave in parts of LBI) are generally considered bayside or Bayblock homes. As with oceanside and oceanblock homes, bayside and Bayblock homes are defined by whether there is or is not a street to cross to reach the water.

The map shown here will clarify the difference between bayside and Bayblock homes in a section of Surf City. The areas shaded in blue are considered Bayblock homes since there is no street to cross to the bay. The areas shaded in red are considered bayside since one must cross Barnegat Ave to access the bay. In both cases, bayside and Bayblock homes are West of Long Beach Blvd. The area shaded in yellow is considered oceanblock since there are no streets to cross to the beach.




Long Beach Island Bayside Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Bayblock Real Estate

Flood Insurance on the Bayside and Bayblock areas of Long Beach Island

Buying a home in the LBI real estate market is a significant investment that should be undertaken only after thoroughly understanding the factors that determine value on Long Beach Island. A home's flood risk, and the annual cost of flood insurance, is one of these determining factors. The potential for Long Beach Island flooding and the cost of flood insurance is paramount in pricing a home. Understanding the pros and cons of the different parts of LBI and the risk levels of flooding each area has can go a long way to securing your investment.

While hurricanes like Hurricane Sandy certainly captured national attention, flooding is far more likely to occur from a strong nor'easter or even a high tide and full moon combination. For this reason, understanding the different areas of Long Beach Island and where it is and is not expected to flood is an essential step to buying a home in the LBI real estate market. Flooding can happen anywhere on Long Beach Island, but some areas are more prone to it than others. Generally, the bayside areas are more at risk than their oceanside counterparts. This can further be broken down into individual sections and, in some cases, even specific streets on Long Beach Island, which may have been built on natural marshes and retain their potential for flooding. This all comes into play when determining the cost of flood insurance and the risk of future flood events.

For those looking to invest in the Long Beach Island real estate market, it is important to keep in mind both location and condition of the house. Bayside properties that are not elevated may have a very high cost of flood insurance which can outweigh their seemingly low purchase price. It is important to remember that every single property on Long Beach Island is unique, and many homes on the bayside and Bayblock have been built or rebuilt to exceed current flood codes. Therefore the cost of flood insurance may be more affordable than a home on the oceanside. It all comes down to the specific property and the overall net cost of ownership. Each home must be evaluated on it's merit and the particular factors weighed to determine the house and its location potential. 




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