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Long Beach Island Commercial Real Estate

Read about commercial real estate, Long Beach Island, and the LBI real estate market. Commercial real estate on Long Beach Island accounts for a very small portion of the LBI real estate market however the transactions can be some of the most profitable around. There are well established business to take over and start making money right away as well as empty spaces to start a new business or open a second location on Long Beach Island.

LBI Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate | Long Beach Island New Jersey | LBI Real Estate Market

There are three major types of commercial property on Long Beach Island. They are:

  • Restaurants for sale or for lease on Long Beach Island
  • Retail space on LBI
  • Office or professional space

Commercial Real Estate in the LBI NJ Real Estate Market on Long Beach Island NJ

Commercial Properties on Long Beach Island

Commercial real estate represents the least active area of the LBI NJ real estate market however properties do sell and rent if they are priced correctly!

    When looking to open a business on Long Beach Island the first thing you will need is a location! On Long Beach Island there are two options:

    Buy a commercial space

    Rent a commercial space

    Commercial financing is very difficult to obtain, especially if you do not have prior experience in owning or running a business. In many cases, it is better to find an alternative source of funding such as a home equity loan or a personal loan. Better still is to rent a space for a year or two to build up experience and test the business concept.

For most, commercial real estate is an investment pure and simple so the price must be worthwhile to undertake the business venture. Many businesses on Long Beach Island are highly profitable, but the majority of business is conducted in the summer months so it is important to make sure the location, concept and execution are correct to take advantage of the short summer season.


Real Estate Tip

When looking to sell commercial real estate on LBI it is important to budget your time accordingly. Make no mistake...commercial is a tough sell as it takes the right kind of buyer.

Selling Commercial Real Estate on Long Beach Island

  • Commercial sales are a unique facet of the market and must be considered on a case by case basis.
  • I have extensive experience in the LBI business environment which allows me insight into the true market value of a listing.
  • Properties with real estate to sell may be worth more selling the land as a building opportunity depending on the business itself.
  • When it comes to pricing commercial real estate or commercial business on LBI, I advise taking the business and comparing it to other investment opportunities, for example the stock market. One must price the commercial listing in such a way that it is a BETTER investment than the competition...then you will get activity on your listing!

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