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Holgate NJ Real Estate & LBI Real Estate

Learn about Holgate NJ, Long Beach Island, LBI NJ real estate and Hurricane Sandy. Holgate suffered the most damage of any town on Long Beach Island however it has made a wonderful recovery. With many new homes being built, the area is looking better than ever! Holgate and the LBI real estate market offer some exciting opportunities for both investors and those looking for the ideal summer vacation destination.

Holgate NJ Real Estate



Holgate NJ | Long Beach Island | LBI NJ Real Estate

Holgate New Jersey real estate has undergone some significant changes since Hurricane Sandy. While the average price of a home in Holgate is still over $1,000,000, there has been much fear associated with the area as it suffered such destruction from Sandy. The area has undergone a major renovation with new homes going up on every street which will help poise Holgate for a major comeback in the future of Holgate NJ and the LBI NJ Real Estate Market.

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Holgate NJ on Long Beach Island New Jersey

Holgate NJ is the southern most town on Long Beach Island NJ. Holgate is located next to Beach Haven and is bordered on the south end by the State of NJ wildlife refuge. Holgate, which is a part of Long Beach Township, offers one of the peaceful areas on LBI. Large areas of Holgate remain undeveloped so many homes have beautiful views of the water or the natural landscape. The southern tip of Holgate also has a spectacular view of the Atlantic City skyline.

Holgate NJ Real Estate

 Holgate NJ Real Estate on Long Beach Island New Jersey is a market that is unique among others in the LBI real estate market. People often either love Holgate or hate Holgate! For those seeking seclusion and peace, Holgate is a clear winner among other towns in the Long Beach Island real estate market. Some however find Holgate to be too far south on LBI and prefer to be closer to the attractions. Regardless of your preference, certain areas of Holgate are prone to flies (as a result of the undeveloped areas which are natural breeding grounds for bugs) so one must be careful when searching in the market. The Holgate real estate market is made up mostly of single family homes and duplexes. Typically, Holgate real estate tends to be less expensive than other areas in the LBI real estate market however recent development in the area has dramatically increased the overall value of homes in the Holgate real estate market. In summary

  • Holgate is a great part of Long Beach Island and the LBI real estate market but it is not for everyone

  • Buyers must be careful of bugs and the potential for them in certain areas.

  • Holgate offers buyers in the LBI real estate market great value with beautiful views.

Sadly, Holgate suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy at the end of October 2012. The areas was devastated with major damage to not only the homes and buildings, but also the core infrastructure. Since Hurricane Sandy, restoration efforts have been underway and the area is well on its way to a full recovery. New homes are being built on every street in Holgate and the majority of the damage has been repaired. The beach replenishment project in Holgate will aid in the protection from future storms thus preserving Holgate NJ and the LBI NJ Real Estate Market values in the area.

Holgate NJ Real Estate Market on Long Beach Island NJ

The Holgate NJ real estate market offers those considering buying Holgate NJ real estate options at a great value! If you are considering buying in the LBI real estate market, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the area and the Holgate NJ real estate market with you. You can search Long Beach Island real estate or contact me, Nathan Colmer anytime.


Real Estate Tip

Holgate is often described as a "love it" or "hate it" area of LBI. Many residents who buy in Holgate will never want to leave the area and when looking to upgrade their beach house, most will stay in Holgate! The area is quiet and offers outstanding views however the location on the extreme south end of Long Beach Island makes it too far for some.



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