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LBI Rental Management Options

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LBI Rental Management Options


For many investors and owners in the Long Beach Island real estate market one of the most intimating aspects of ownership is the management of a rental property. Fortunately there are some excellent LBI rental management options that can help make the booking and servicing of a summer rental investment home on Long Beach Island an easy process.



LBI Rental Management Options

LBI Real Estate Rentals




LBI Rental Agencies-Worth The Investment?

In the days before the Internet one of the only real effective ways to book a rental investment home on LBI with to work with an agency. Now there are man other options but this has not entirely rendered an agency obsolete. Agencies still provide valuable services for many homeowners, especially those who want an "on Island" presence to oversee their investment.

LBI Rental Management Options

LBI Rental Agencies

Listing your home for rent with a local real estate agent is the tried and true method for renting and servicing a rental investment in the LBI real estate market. In this scenario a homeowner will list their home for rent with a local company and that company will handle the advertising and servicing of the rental in exchange for a commission.




LBI Rental Management Options

Evolve Vacation Rentals

Evolve offers a fresh approach to vacation rental management, providing a custom listing and professional photos of your property, free distribution across top listing sites like VRBO and Airbnb, guest reservation support and performance-based management - all for an industry-low 10% booking fee. Evolve outperforms traditional property managers for a fraction of the cost and offers unrivaled flexibility. There's no term commitment and no cost to join.




LBI Rental Management Options

Local "By Owner" Websites

A rather new but highly effective website www.vrlbi.com has had great success in the LBI real estate market. Following the general format of other "by owner" website VRLBI does away with many of the high service fees which makes it more appeal to would-be tenants. Like other "by owner" sites the servicing of the rental remains with the home owner. If you mention my name as a refferal the owner will give you a discount on your first year subscription!





LBI Rental Management Options

National "By Owner" Websites

The interest has created opportunities for online booking websites like Homeaway.com and VRBO.com where an owner can list their home for rent and deal directly with potential tenants. While the costs are far less than an agency the systems usually charge tenants a servicing fee and the management of the rental is the responsibility of the owner.




Real Estate Note

There are many different pros and cons to each style of rental. It is best to employ multiple options, especially since many do not have up-front costs, when starting out and see what works best for you.


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