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Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes

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Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes


Lagoon front homes are located on small natural or man-made channels on the bayside areas of Long Beach Island. These homes offer direct access to Barnegat Bay, however are generally less expensive than a home on the bayfront. Lagoon front homes on LBI will generally appeal to boaters and have the added bonus of being somewhat protected from storms and waves.



Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate

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Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate

Lagoonfront homes are less common than the other types of LBI homes. They are generally located on the north end of LBI in High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach and Harvey Cedars and a few on the south end of LBI in The Dunes and Beach Haven. Lagoonfront homes offer owners the ability to dock a boat and have access to the bay without having to pay the bayfront price!

Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate

Lagoon Front Homes in the Long Beach Island Real Estate Market


The market for lagoon front homes on Long Beach Island is unique among other waterfront homes. Sales of single family homes will vary greatly depending on the presence or absence of a view, the condition of the house and the location on the actual lagoon. It is usually considered an advantage to be closer to the mouth of the lagoon for several reasons. Therefore, homes that are in closer proximity to the mouth of a lagoon will usually trade a little higher than a home at the end of a lagoon.


One serious concern for a lagoon front homeowner is a bulkhead. A bulkhead is a solid "wall" that separates the land from the water. There are three common forms of material used to construct bulkheads. They are:

  • Creosote
  • Pressure Treated
  • Vinyl

While no longer in use, creosote bulkheads are the oldest and the most prone to failure. Creosote is a dark, tar-like substance that was used to make wood water resistant. Overtime, it breaks down and can lead to rot and failure of a bulkhead.

Pressure treated has been used for some time now and is generally accepted to be a quality material. Pressure treated lumber involves chemically treated the lumber to make it more durable in a waterfront environment. While these bulkheads are more durable than Creosote, they can be prone to failure and should be carefully inspected.

Vinyl is the best...and the most expensive! Vinyl bulkheads add a great deal of value to a home and can withstand the waterfront environment very well.

Since Hurricane Sandy and changes to building codes throughout Long Beach Island, most new bulkheads have to built higher than those built prior to 2012. This additional height is intended to limit flooding from the bay and it works quite well!




Where Are Lagoon Front Homes on Long Beach Island?

The map shown here is a small section of LBI showing Haven Beach, The Dunes and Beach Haven Terrace. The areas outlined in red are bayfront locations on Long Beach Island. The areas outlined in yellow are Lagoonfront homes.

Lagoonfront homes are essentially natural or man-made channels of water that lead to the bay. They offer the ability to dock a boat and have bay access without the higher price of a bayfront home.



Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate


Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate

High Bar Harbor and the Lagoonfront Homes

Perhaps nowhere on LBI is better know for lagoon front homes that High Bar Harbor. This small community is located on an island just off of Barnegat Light yet is actually a part of Long Beach Township. The island, which is connected by a land bridge on 20th Street in Barnegat Light, is comprised of almost all Lagoonfront and bayfront homes and is truly a boaters community! The excellent location on the North end of LBI provides easy access to Barnegat Inlet so getting to and from the ocean is a breeze.


Generally speaking, home prices in High Bar Harbor trend lower than other parts of the LBI real estate market yet for those looking to invest in a boaters community, High Bar Harbor is an excellent option.




Long Beach Island Lagoon Homes | LBI NJ Real Estate | Lagoon Real Estate

Beach Haven West and Lagoonfront Beach Homes

Beach Haven West is a waterfront community located in Stafford Township New Jersey just across the bay fromĀ Long Beach Island New Jersey. Beach Haven West offers a great number of waterfront homes located on Barnegat Bay and a series of lagoons. With easy access to both Manahawkin and Barnegat Bay as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Beach Haven West has grown in popularity to become a destination for those looking to experience life on the water!


Home prices in Beach Haven West are significantly lower than lagoon front home prices in the LBI real estate market. Therefore, many buyers will opt to purchase a larger home at a more affordable price in Beach Haven West over a home on Long Beach Island, provided they don't mind the longer drive to the beach and the fact that they are not actually on Long Beach Island.




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